3 Questions to Ask to Guarantee the Authenticity of Your Autographed Charity Silent Auction Items

Coordinating your corporation’s charity fundraising efforts is difficult sufficient already – sourcing venues, attracting donors, booking enjoyment. The list seems limitless. Add verifying the authenticity of autographed silent public sale gadgets to the equation, and you’ve got heaped another massive mission onto your developing to-do list. Right? Well, maybe no longer.

The reality is Tom Cruise won’t go back your cellphone calls inquiring for he for my part authenticate his autograph on your charity fundraiser. He additionally failed to respect your excessive e-mailing and unannounced visits. But, authenticating the autographed memorabilia to your charity occasions is easier than you would possibly suppose. It all comes right down to asking the right questions.

Question #1: How did your company accumulate the charity fundraising items you provide?

Did you realize Miley Cyrus symptoms Silent Auction items guitars with what looks as if a giant, cursive “N” looped into a good larger, cursive “S,” however she symptoms images “Miley” with a coronary heart over the “i”? Of course you did not. But, lots of autographed memorabilia counterfeiters did. By only running with expert charity fundraising corporations and asking their representatives in which they received all of the cool stuff they may be imparting, you’re taking a step closer to authenticating your auction items.

There are plenty of ways to accumulate superstar autographs, but the only manner to surely guarantee authenticity is through firsthand commentary. That way the suitable answer to Question #1 should not be, “I buy all my autographed guitars from a wholesaler” or “I trade autographed baseball playing cards with the child up the block” and certainly no longer “I know a man.” Anyone who “is aware of a guy” is probably now not a guy you want to be doing commercial enterprise with.

No, the best perfect solution to Question #1 is, “We in my opinion witness every superstar sign every and each charity public sale item on our cabinets.” It’s difficult now not to be ok with that sort of confidence. But, it truly is handiest Question #1, and your silent public sale is just too essential to leave whatever to hazard.

Question #2: Prove it!

OK, so “Prove it!” is more of an order than a question, but you get the photo. If a company’s representatives without a doubt have witnessed the signing of every fundraising object they provide, there are masses of methods for them to prove it. The first manner is common-sense, actually. If you have been status next to Angelina Jolie or Robert De Niro, would not you’re taking a image? Of path you’ll! If the representatives of a professional charity fundraising company have witnessed each charity fundraising object autographed in individual, they should have a few candid pictures (and in all likelihood a few wonderful stories!) to again up that declare.

Each public sale object must also be catalogued with a date and region wherein the object changed into signed. This adds a level of authenticity it truly is difficult to replicate, especially in an age while a easy Web seek will turn up the whereabouts of virtually any movie star on this planet at any given second in time. All this information have to be covered at the certificate of authenticity furnished with your fundraising gadgets. There’s an extra component the ones certificates ought to encompass, and this one’s a biggie.

Question #three: Are you inclined to one hundred% assure all your auction items?

Quality vendors, whether they may be promoting cheeseburgers or table saws, show tickets or autographed objects for charity, should be willing to offer their customers with rock-stable, cash-back ensures. If even after successfully answering questions #1 and #2 about their silent public sale objects, a company can not stand in the back of its merchandise with a a hundred% guarantee, there’s no want to ask a fourth query. At that point, it’s time to move directly to a provider inclined to stand at the back of the nice and authenticity of its autographed memorabilia.

Fundraising for charity presents an abundance of demanding situations, but making sure an public sale object’s authenticity should not be one of them. The correct answers to these 3, simple questions are all it takes to make this method each easy and painless – particularly in view that Tom Cruise still hasn’t lower back a unmarried telephone call, and you realize you are not going to love that wrist keep from his bodyguard any more the second time around.